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Clear - Share your notebooks


Share your notes, learn from others' notes!Clear is a notebooks sharing platform. You can publicly share your notes and use public notebooks published by other users for your study material.****See public notebooks ****You can always see and use public notebooks and use them as you study materials. They will be your best reference book.Math, Science, Physics, Biology, Geology, History, you name it. Any subjects can be found in Clear!Clear is your study buddy for test and exam preps, preparing for classes, finishing your homework.
**** Publish your notes ****Share your notebooks! The world is waiting for your notes. Take photos of your paper notebooks, put stickers to make it fun. Then you are ready to publish your notebook!It's that easy.
**** Follow ****If you like an author of the notebook, tap "Follow"You can always check and use all published notebooks from the author.With mutual follow, you can share and edit notebooks together!
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